Premium fibre pack - neutral
Premium Fibre Pack - 'Neutral'
Premium fibre pack and metal hoop - neutral
Premium fibre pack with loom and accessories - neutral
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Premium Fibre Pack - 'Neutral'

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Fibre packs are a perfect way of buying materials for your next project. All fibres in each pack have been curated and hand picked by me to compliment each other when used together.

Included in this fibre pack is:
- Natural Hemp Tops
- Felted Yarn
- Embroidered Sari Silk Cord
- Merino Art Yarn (2 ply)
- Cotton Frizz Ribbon
- Felted Finger Rope

Available in 2 sizes:

Small - 50g (worth £25.50)
Large - 100g (worth £50.70 when purchased separately)

Want to treat yourself to a new loom too? Or need something to weave these beautiful fibre packs on to?

Also available with:
Metal hoop with weaving accessories
Wooden weaving loom, with weaving accessories.