How to Single Warp a Weaving Loom

How to Single Warp a Weaving Loom

a wooden lap loom with a cone of purple cotton string and a wooden weaving needle

How to Single Warp a Weaving Loom.

You've bought the supplies you need to start weaving. Now, where do you start? In this blog post I will be taking you step by step, teaching you how to single warp a weaving loom.

There are 2 ways to warp a loom. Single warping and Double warping. Both have their benefits and primarily, it's very much a personal decision, but as a rule, if you're working with big, chunky fibres then single warping is what you want. If you're working with smaller fibres, or want to add more details into your weavings, then double warp is the way to go. To learn to double warp, click here.

Here I am using the Mini Weaving Loom and the 1.5mm Warp String in colour 'Dusty Rose'.

a wooden lap loom
close up of artist double knotting string onto a wooden weaving loom

1. Begin with tying a double knot around the first notches on the loom.

beginning to warp a weaving loom with purple string

2. Bring the warp string up to the top notch (make sure it is the same notch as the bottom. Here I knotted the string onto notch 2 and am bringing it up to notch 2 on the top).

the 2nd part of warping a wooden weaving loom with purple cotton warp string

3. Wrap around the notch and bring back down to the bottom through and around the next notch.

4. Bring back up to the top, wrap around and back down again. Repeat across the loom until you reach where you want to finish.

* As a rule of thumb, it's good practise to make sure you have an even amount of warp strings to make your weaving more symmetrical as you work.

finishing off warping a wooden weaving loom with purple cotton warp string

5. Tie the warp string with another double knot. Be sure to finish the same side as you started (here I started and ended at the bottom of the loom).

And there you have it! A fully warped loom, ready for you to create your next masterpiece on!

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