Macrame Knots 101: Larks Head Knot

Macrame Knots 101: Larks Head Knot

Macrame Knots 101: Larks Head Knot

The first knot you need to know when learning Macrame is the Lark's Head Knot. This is a very simple knot that takes seconds and is used to start pretty much every macrame project you will find.

Macrame cords comes in all sorts of widths, colours and varieties. You will find a wide range in my shop, all sorted to many different macrame projects.

You can use many different types of cord for this knot. In this post, I am using 5mm Recycled Cotton Single Twist String in 'Natural'


1. Start with the object you want to base your macrame project on. In this example, I am using a 50mm wooden ring. You might want to use a dowel or something else in your project.

Macrame Larks Head Knot. Wooden Ring. Raw string

2. With a piece of string, fold it in half so there is a loop in one end.

Macrame knots. Larks Head Knot. Wooden ring with raw string

3. Push the looped end through your ring/ dowel.

Macrame larks head knot. 5mm string in natural

larks head knot for macrame. 5mm single twist string in natural

4. With the other ends of the string, pull it through the loop and tighten. This is your Lark's Head Knot! 

You can use the knot either way in your project. I prefer the way shown below.

macrame larks head knot tutorial using 5mm single twist string in natural

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This is the first in a series of blog posts teaching you the basics of macrame knots.

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