The Essential Items You Need to Start Weaving

The Essential Items You Need to Start Weaving

When you start a new hobby or craft, it can often be overwhelming and confusing not knowing what equipment to invest in.

Here I have listed the essential items you need to start weaving like a pro.

1. A Weaving Loom

Now, a weaving loom is surely is a given, however I often get asked what type or what size loom to start with. I always suggest the Mini Loom Kit as it contains everything you need to get started at a super affordable price. However, there is no reason for you not to skip starting on a small loom, and go straight in with a bigger loom. I stock Medium, Large and XL weaving looms on the website.

1.5mm Cotton Warp String

2. Cotton Warp String

A good woven wall hanging needs to have a good backbone to it - the warp thread you use needs to be strong, consistent and durable. I have used many warp threads in my time, but always come back to this one. It's slightly thicker than the average warp string which I love, and it comes in so many wonderful colours too! However, if you're wanting a thinner string, this cotton warp string is also a great alternative.

Wooden weaving needles

3. Weaving Needle

A weaving or tapestry needle is best to use when weaving, especially when starting out. There are many different types out there. I stock two different needles in my shop, both have different uses. This Tapestry Needle works well for thinner yarns - it is long with a tapered edge, making it great to 'catch' many warp threads at once. There are also these Wooden Weaving Needles which have large eyes, making them perfect when using thicker yarns, or if you struggle holding a small needle.

bamboo wooden weaving needles

4. A comb

You'll need a comb to 'beat' down your weft as you weave to make those lines nice and tight. You don't need anything fancy, just a standard comb will do, but if you do want to look the part, then these Bamboo Weaving Combs are perfect, and so lovely to use too!

5. Yarn

Whatever you use to make your weavings is completely a personal choice. If you are an absolute beginner, then I would recommend practising with some cheap wool to get the feel of it before branching out on the more expensive stuff. All of the yarns and fibres I stock at The Joyful Studio are suitable for weaving. Just remember, if you start to get serious about weaving, then splashing out on more expensive fibres will be worth it and will show in your finished piece!

6. A dowel

Not needed straight away, but if you are making a wall hanging, then you will need something to hang your creation on to. You can use anything for a dowel, even a stick from your garden! But if you like a more 'finished' look, then these wooden dowels are perfect.

And there you have it! The 6 essentials you need to start weaving. Make sure you have some sharp scissors to cut your fibres too and you're good to go!

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