How to Double Warp a Weaving Loom

How to Double Warp a Weaving Loom

There are two ways to warp a loom the double warp and single warp method. In this blog post I will be teaching you how to double warp your weaving loom. 

Rule of thumb, if you are weaving with thick, chunkier fibres then the single warp option is most likely the best way for you. If you are wanting to create a tapestry with more details and with thinner yarns, then choose the double method.

Learn how to single warp a weaving loom HERE.

Here I will be using the Mini Weaving Loom and 1.5mm Cotton Warp String in 'Dusty Rose'.

1. Start by tying your warp string onto the first notch of the weaving loom (where you want to start).

2. Bring the string up to the same notch at the top of the loom. (Here I knotted the string on the 2nd notch in from the left on the bottom and bringing it up to the 2nd notch in at the top).

3. Bring around the notch and back down and around the same notch you started with.

4. Head back up to the top of the loom and into and around the same notch you ended with.

5. And then back down and into the same notch you ended with at the bottom.

6. Repeat all the way across. End with a double knot on the last notch you want to end on.

Try to keep the tension even otherwise your finished weaving will end up all wonky.

*It's good practise to have an even number of warp strings across the loom so make your weaving more symmetrical.

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