Macrame Knots 101: Square Knot

Macrame Knots 101: Square Knot

Macrame Knots 101: Square Knot

One of the most important and popular knots in macrame is the Square Knot. Follow the steps below to create it yourself!

Cotton used in this example is 5mm Recycled Cotton Single Twist String in 'Natural'

Macrame knots. Square Knot. The Joyful Studio tutorial

Square Knot Tutorial but The Joyful Studio.

1. Cut x2 lengths of string. Start by hanging your cotton string on your dowel or hoop using the Lark's Head Knot (see previous post for a tutorial). This will leave you with 4 hanging cords in total. (In this photo, I have doubled up but will be using the middle 4 cords).

Square Knot Tutorial Blog Post. The Joyful Studio

2. Take the left hand cord and make a figure 4 shape over the middle two cords, and under the right hand cord.

How to tie a Square Knot. Macrame Tutorial by The Joyful Studio

Square Knot Tutorial for macrame. The Joyful Studio

3. Take the right hand cord, bring it under the middle 2, through the gap and over the left hand cord. Pull it tight into desired position.

Square Knot macrame tutorial. The Joyful Studio

4. Now reverse what you just did. Take the right hand cord, figure 4, pass it across the middle 2 cords and under the left hand cord.

Square Knot macrame Tutorial. The Joyful Studio

5. Then bring the left hand cord under the middle 2 cords and up through the gap.

Square Knot Macrame Tutorial. The Joyful Studio.

6. Pull tight and that's your Square Knot!

This is the second post of my macrame knot series. Be sure to save incase you need it later. Use the graphic below to save it to your Pinterest.

Looking how to start your macrame project? Check out my previous post - Macrame Knots 101: Larks Head Knot

Square knot tutorial for Pinterest. The Joyful Studio
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