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Hazel | 5mm Recycled Cotton String

Hazel | 5mm Recycled Cotton String

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5mm Supersoft Single Twist Cotton String in Hazel.

Super soft, high quality organic 5mm single twist string.

This string is of the highest quality and brushes out so effortlessly.

The perfect string to use in all kinds of arts and crafts including weaving and wall hangings and macrame projects.

Available in lengths of:
5 meters
10 meters
15 meters
20 meters
25 meters
30 meters
95 meters

Choose 95 meters and you will receive the entire spool, this is the most cost effective option!

Also available in 12mm thickness.

This string is also available in 18 other gorgeous colours.

Oeko Tex Certified the string comes minus the cardboard tube in the middle.

* Please note different screen resolutions may make the colours of my strings slightly differ in real life

 ** Please also note, that these spools of string are dyed in small batches which could mean a slight colour variation between batches. Order multiple spools if you are working on a particular project and think you may run out

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