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Vegan Soy Bean Tops

Vegan Soy Bean Tops

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Soy fibre is characterised by being extremely soft and pleasant to the touch. It is also particularly luminous. These characteristics often result in it being nicknamed "vegetable cashmere".

The production of this fibre is highly sustainable as it is a waste by-product of the processing of the peels and pods from the food industry. The fibre is therefore 100% vegan, natural, biodegradable and renewable.

Soybean tops is perfect for both needle and water felting, spinning and hand weaving.

Comes in 50g or 100g bundle
Length of approx. 4 meters per 100g.

The soy fibre is resistant, with antibacterial properties, low flammability, breathable, permeable to air, fastness to washing and able to block UV radiation. Amazing!

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